Metal Fabrication

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Bronzehaus Studios provides various types of bronze sculpture, custom metal fabrication and architectural decor and signage. These artistic products are made from the highest quality materials suited to last a lifetime and beyond in the harshest outdoor elements if necessary but can also compliment your artistic tastes indoors. We can help you make your own art or metal project a reality. Call Bronzehaus Studios for a free consultation at 801-477-4188 or email

The bronze sculpture we offer includes portrait busts, life size statuary, low relief sculpture of various kinds and other three dimensional sculpted works. And the metal fabrication and architectural works we supply include, railing, arbors, gates, metal and wood furniture, metal signage of various kinds. We also offer patina and finishing services, plaque refinishing, and mold and pattern production for both sculpture and other cast works.

Call us today to discuss your sculpture or architectural signage project: (801) 477-4188. Or you can fill out a contact form here and we will get back to you right away!

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