three dimensional works

Sculpture can be defined as any three dimensional object or group of objects that has been crafted, arranged, or formed as a piece of “art.” As far as we know, sculpture has been made by humans for many thousands of years.

Today, common materials used for sculpture are clay and wax. Often these materials are cast into metals like bronze, or other materials like plaster or resin. Also very typical are fabricated metals like steel and aluminum that can produce various realistic and abstract forms. Simply put, when it comes to sculpture in today’s world the options and opportunities are endless.

The kind of sculpture produced at Bronzehaus Studios is more typically realistic figurative works that represent persons, places or significant events for an illustrative purpose. The process we typically use to produce these works are carving and or modeling in clay before making a mold to create a more permanent copy of the clay original. The most typical finished product is a bronze casting. But we have produced works in steel, ceramic, aluminum, stone, resin, plaster, and fiberglass.

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