Bas Relief

Enhance flat surfaces with low relief sculpture

“Bas relief” is a type of sculpture. “Bas” means low in french and “relief” means relief in english. So really it is just a fancy way of saying low relief. A low relief sculpture is where the 3 dimensional aspect of the piece does not come off the the background surface very far. It remains shallow or “low” or “bas”. And, by the way, when you say “bas” keep the “s” silent. It doesn’t sound like “bass” (the fish) or like “bass” (audio frequency). It’s like saying “ah” with a “b” on the front of it, “bah” relief.

The most common form of bas relief is found on the coins you put in your pocket every day. It is the natural highlighting and shadowing on the ever so slight 3 dimentionality of a coin’s surface that allows you to make out the exquisitely fine detail in these sculpted portraits, eagles, flags, and various other imagery you see depicted. Surprisingly, with all of the technology we have today, there is still hand sculpting that goes into making modern day coins.

Bas relief portraits are the most common type of work done at Bronzehaus Studios. We make these for foundries, manufacturers and their dealers, organizations and anyone else who has a need for this type of work. You can see here that bas relief work can be well used as a 3 dimensional enhancement to the inherently flat nature of plaques. We can easily combine the 3 dimensional aspect with the clean computer generated flat text and graphics in these patterns.

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