Full Round Sculpture

360 degree view of the work

Full Round Sculpture┬áis exactly what its name indicates. It is usually the kind of sculpture you can walk around and view from all angles. Unlike Bas Relief sculpture that you can only view from a frontal view. This is what most people think of when they hear the word “Sculpture”. It includes statuary of all kinds, portrait busts, and many other various types of three-dimensional pieces of art.

Bronzehaus Studios offers various statuary works both large and small. We offer cast bronze statuary from standard patterns on many patriotic statues as well as any custom works you may be looking for. See our patriotic sculpture page here or inquire about any custom projects you have in mind.

Portrait busts show honor to someone of prominence or significance that has made a great impact or contribution in society. Bronze busts communicate a lasting commitment and reverence to this person and his or her values and ideals. These are typically made for Leaders in government, community affairs, education, science, philanthropy, military, business and sports. They can also be commissioned for private groups and families.

These three dimensional portraits command respect and attention while allowing a viewpoint from all angles. They can be placed indoors or out. They can usually be moved to various locations like a piece of furniture. These permanent works can also be handed down to family members throughout generations.

To discuss a sculpted portrait project you have in mind please call us at (801) 477-4188, email or click here for a free quote or inquiry.

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